Anger Foot is its own brand of carnage | Hands-on preview

by on May 31, 2024

Anger Foot is the lovechild of Hotline Miami and Ghostrunner. Yeah, sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it? From what I’ve played so far, it nails the blood-pumping thrill of both titles with plenty of replayability and style. Taking place in the fictional world of Shit City, rival gangs are all vying for dominance and you’re stuck in the middle. An avid sneaker collector, you must take revenge on those that stole your collection, doing so in creative and deadly ways with over the top violence.

Shit City is a neon cartoon fever dream where the enemies are anthropomorphic psychopaths, from lizards with baseball bats and fat chickens in police gear, you’re going to come up against a bunch of weird and wonderful foes that want you dead. Before each level, you’re given a handful of objectives to complete. Not every one of them need to be completed, but you’re rewarded for doing so. You might need to complete the level in a certain amount of time, kill all enemies with only your feet, or blow up five enemies at once.

Whatever the task, you have plenty of ways to get creative. Your sole means of attack in the beginning is to kick enemies, booting them into other nearby freaks or through doorways. It can be a lot of fun to wipe out enemies with your feet, but a majority of them are carrying guns so sometimes it can be tricky running into a room with machine guns blasting past you. Sure, you can be brave and attempt to kick every son of a bitch trying to kill you, but there are a handful of guns that can be used to shoot them, making these encounters easier.

Once your magazine is out, you can throw weapons at the enemy, in turn stunning them so you can spartan kick the shit out of them. Many of these enemies drop weapons, so there’s always a steady stream of weaponry to pick up and utilise in the street war you find yourself in. The sheer pace of combat is ridiculous, but there’s great satisfaction running from room to room, gunning down waves of weird enemies as they run at you, or fire from a distance. They have guns, strong punches, and bags of explosives, making each scenario different.

Many of these levels don’t last more than a minute, and speed runners are going to have a blast getting to the end. You can also take your time if you wish, but the main focus is getting experimental in how you exact revenge. Buildings are colourful and detailed with neon and crimson, blood splattering over amusing posters, and limbs flying across hallways and from balconies. That intensity never falters, and while your health is extremely limited, so is that of your enemy. You’re going to have plenty of fun running through Shit City.

Anger Foot features that same energy as many other Devolver Digital published titles, and it never seems to slow down. It’s challenging but not almost impossible as Ghostrunner can often seem, with plenty of ways to approach each stage. The challenges you can complete to unlock new sneakers to wear gives you plenty of replayability, and it helps that levels are relatively short. Gameplay is smooth and responsive, and you’ll never get tired of kicking the crap out of gang members as you make your way through the many different buildings in Shit City.

Anger Foot is coming to PC in 2024.