Creatures of Ava release date confirmed for PC and Xbox

by on June 19, 2024

Publisher 11 bit studios has confirmed the release date for creature collecting game, Creatures of Ava, for both PC and Xbox, and it’s August 7th. It’ll not just be released then, but also joining Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, so if you have a subscription for either or both of those, you can play day one without it costing any extra.

To celebrate this reveal, a short (and frankly, very cute) trailer has been released to show off the date, which you can watch below.


In Creatures of Ava, the player’s goal is to tame, befriend, and save—not capture—the many unique species they will encounter. Featuring a non-violent combat system and four distinct, vividly radiant biomes to explore, Ava is a planet in peril slowly decaying under the pressure of a mystical infection called ‘The Withering’. Players take on the role of bright-eyed adventurer, Vic, and must investigate Ava’s vibrant landscapes while taking action to save its existence and the existence of all its inhabitants.

But what does it mean to truly save something? While our human inclination is to protect the weak and aid the vulnerable, will players dare to let go in the face of adversity when the struggle becomes too much? It’s up to players to understand and stop the epidemic inflicting Ava and know when to swallow the bitter taste of walking away.

Here’s the key features, from the Steam page:

  • Join a young nature explorer, Vic, on her expedition to planet Ava
  • Explore 4 distinct and colourful ecosystems bustling with life
  • Tame over 20 wild creatures with the music of a special flute
  • Meet the naam, Ava’s inhabitants, and learn their unique customs
  • Save the planet’s inhabitants from an infection called “the withering”
  • Help Vic solve the secrets of Ava and her own troubled past

Creatures of Ava is coming to PC and Xbox on August 7th.