The PlayStation Network Is In The Process Of Coming Back!

by Martin Bakeron May 15, 2011
Have you missed the PlayStation Network? Have you been wandering around your PS3 games just wishing you could choose the “Online” option and get down to business? I know I have, as well as most of the other writers here at Well, we have some news that you may want to hear… The PlayStation […]

Latest PlayStation Network Outage Update

by Martin Bakeron April 26, 2011
We’re on day 6 now of the Great PlayStation Network Outage of 2011 and it seems that nothing is moving particularly fast. People are starting to get just a little bit anxious about the seemingly lack of information coming from Sony. There’s been a lot of anger, a lot of upset along with just about […]

An Update To The PlayStation Network Debacle

by Martin Bakeron April 23, 2011
On Thursday night we posted about the fact that the PlayStation Network was down, and could possibly be down for “up to two days”. Well, it’s been two days now and I’m afraid we’re not the bearer of good news again. Sony has recently updated their blog with a little more information. An official confirmation […]

PlayStation Network Could Be Down For Up To 2 Days

by Martin Bakeron April 21, 2011
If you’ve tried to get onto the PlayStation Network for any reason over the last couple of hours you’ll notice that you’ll be not having much luck. Well, according to a news post posted by the big dogs themselves, it seems as if we’re not going to be getting online anytime soon. There’s not much […]