The Buff Up Show Episode 7

by Aryel Abrahamion June 4, 2010
The Buff Up Show is back after a lengthy break, myself Twisted and special guest Nazdreg are on the show to discuss the latest topics: ICC Buff is now at 20%, how is it effecting raiding? Cataclysm 10 and 25 man exclusive raids. Patch 3.3.5. The $2.99 remote Auction House. StarCraft 2 Collectors Edition and […]

The Buff Up Show Episode 6

by Aryel Abrahamion March 22, 2010
Yet more time has passed in the World of Warcraft with myself and Twisted on hand to discuss all the hot topics effecting Azeroth. We highlight some of the key points of patch 3.3.3 including the new Frozen Orb vendor in Dalaran, the 5% Icecrown Citadel raid buff, is it a good or a bad […]

The Buff Up Show Episode 5 – The Lich King Is Dead

by Aryel Abrahamion February 9, 2010
The Lich King is dead! Yes Arthas has been downed on both 10 and 25 man normal modes of the encounter opening up the heroic mode for the most skilled raiders. Myself and Twisted are once again on hand to discuss all the latest WoW news and will be delving in to the world first […]

The Buff Up Show Episode 3 – Icecrown

by Aryel Abrahamion November 23, 2009
The Buff Up Show is back WoW fans and today we are discussing everything 3.3. Myself and Warren (aka Twisted) welcome special guest Nazdreg to the show as we discuss the hot topics across the World of Warcraft. The team delve into the all new 5 man dungeon within Ice Crown Citadel, the all new […]

WoW Patch 3.3 Date To Be Revealed

by Aryel Abrahamion November 21, 2009
God is a Geek is delighted to announce that we have information regarding the release date of patch 3.3 on live realms! Our inside Blizzard source has once again come up with the goods as they did for patch 3.2 where we revealed the date before any other site. We will be announcing the date […]