The Godcast: Season 5 Episode 16

by Calvin Robinsonon December 10, 2012
Adam’s off sick, Calvin takes the reins and ends up talking MMOs with Martin. This is not Ding!, we promise! Lee brings us back on track and we discuss Assassin’s Creed 3 PC release and lot more Wii U.

NCsoft and Paragon Studios Launch Three New Updates For City of Heroes

by Jon Baldieon December 7, 2011
NCsoft and Paragon Studios today launched three updates to City of Heroes.

Champions Online: Beta Preview

by Calvin Robinsonon August 26, 2009
Image via Wikipedia The MMORPG market can be generalised into two sub-genres. Then there’s the ‘Fantasy’ genre, usually featuring a Sword and/or Elves. Often these tend to be Korean copy-and-paste free-to-play games that make their money from micro-payments and farming/selling your sign-up data (come on, why do they need your Social Security and Passport Numbers? […]