Family Gamer: Ducktales (Woo-Ooh!)

by Adam Cookon July 10, 2017
Scrooge McChris.

HD Re-skins are Ace. Discuss.

by Mick Fraseron September 4, 2013
No one wants to eat dog shit, except dogs

DuckTales Remastered Review

by Lee Garbutton August 12, 2013
You can swim in Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin. Game of the Century?

DuckTales Remastered Video Preview – Woo Ooh!

by Adam Cookon July 22, 2013
The theme tune is destroying me

DuckTales Remastered to Contain Story Beats That Explain Giant Rats

by Colm Ahernon April 2, 2013
Capcom's Ray Jimenez has said that the upcoming DuckTales Remastered will clarify many of the unexplained elements of the original