Zumba Fitness Rush Shakes Things Up With New Content

by Ryan Sandreyon May 16, 2012
If you just can’t resist dancing and exercising in front of your Kinect with Zumba Fitness Rush (which GIAG team member Colm certainly seems to enjoy), then it’s your lucky day!

Go Behind The Scenes With Michael Phelps

by Martin Bakeron May 4, 2011
505 Games have today released a number of still images taken during the making of Michael Phelps: Push the Limit in advance of the game’s June launch. Swimming without ever getting wet? That’s the dream right? Motion capture and in-game modeling images from behind the scenes show Phelps playing the game for the first time […]

Burn Off Your Food With Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge

by Robin Parkeron April 20, 2011
Rare and Microsoft Game Studios can happily announce a new forthcoming add-on pack for their Kinect Sports title, which is called the “Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge.” In this new mode, players will use their Avatars to go up against Avatar rivals, who take on the form of various types of snack foods. These include the […]

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout Review

by Adam Cookon January 10, 2011
Game: The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout Developer: Blitz Games Publisher: THQ Available On: Xbox 360 (Kinect Only) Television show The Biggest Loser has experienced phenomenal success, starting out in the USA in 2004 and now running in over 25 counties worldwide. The show centres on overweight contestants, all competing to lose weight and win a […]