Def Leppard debut new music video on Guitar Hero Live

by Nicola Ardronon January 27, 2016
Pour some sugar on me!

Guitar Hero Live announces three new Premium Shows on GHTV

by Richard Simpsonon January 13, 2016
Hear the roar of the crowd, some more..

Guitar Hero Live Gamescom Behind The Scenes Trailer Released

by Mikhail Madnanion August 3, 2015
Check out Singing, Headlining festivals, and more!

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Sing Party Review

by Sean Smithon February 5, 2013
Sing Party is an adequate, at times innovative title that is easy to pick up and play, providing a competent voice recognition scoring system, a nice microphone (baffling switch aside!) and a wealth of songs to attempt.

E3 2012: SiNG Karaoke Game Announced for the Wii U

by Martin Bakeron June 5, 2012
he one thing that's always a little bit awkward with karaoke games is that you've got your back to your friends while you're performing due to the fact the you've got to look at the TV in order to see what the next lyrics are going to be; FreeStyle Games have solved this with their game SiNG thanks to the Wii U and its innovative GamePad.