Ninjala Season 12 news

Ninjala Season 12 starts today

by Chris Whiteon January 16, 2023
Oh my rod

Ninjala reveals collaboration with Tokyo Revengers

Ninjala reveals collaboration with Tokyo Revengers

by Adam Cookon July 14, 2022
Special costumers, and much more.

Ninjala Monster Hunter Rise

Ninjala gets Monster Hunter Rise content

by News Teamon April 28, 2021
Join the Hunt!

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Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Comes to Europe and North America This Winter

by Colm Ahernon May 28, 2013
Ace news, huh?...I'll get my coat.

Ragnarok Odyssey Review

by Sean Smithon February 28, 2013
This is bright, funny, compulsive and technically proficient, a direct counter to the po-faced, clunky-controls of Monster Hunter. You have wonder why on Earth this wasn't a UK launch title, such is its accessible and likeable nature.