Enhanced LOVEFiLM App Now Available On Xbox 360

by Lee Garbutton June 21, 2013
LOVEFiLM for Xbox 360 just got a lot better.

LOVEFiLM PlayStation 3 App Update Adds HD Streaming

by Lee Garbutton May 1, 2013
The latest version of the streaming movie service adds a heap of handy features.

LoveFilm Hits Wii U

by Sean Smithon December 10, 2012
It already dropped for the trusty old Wii last week - a boon for the millions....and millions of Wii owners - and now Wii U owners can utilise the LOVEFiLM icon on their Wii U gamepad and enjoy Amazon's excellent streaming movie service on their dazzling new Ninty HD box 'o' tricks.

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update is given Launch Date

by Robin Parkeron November 23, 2011
The new era in television where entertainment becoming searchable, discoverable & enjoyable in new ways from a single device: Xbox 360 has now been dated - the dashboard update is due on December 6th.

Microsoft Announces details of new Media Partnerships with Youtube, BBC and many more Providers

by Robin Parkeron October 7, 2011
Microsoft have announced a huge list of Media partners from across the world who will be joining the Xbox 360 experience this winter, in a new movement that is set to revolutionise the ways in which console owners access and ingest their entertainment sources. Remote controllers will be a thing of the past as Kinect […]

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LOVEFiLM Have Signed An Exclusive Streaming Deal with STUDIOCANAL

by Martin Bakeron September 28, 2011
While it’s not exactly video game news, if you use your PS3 to stream movies over the internet from LOVEFiLM then you may still be interested. LOVEFiLM have signed an exclusive long-term deal with STUDIOCANAL in the UK and Germany giving LOVEFiLM members access to the portfolio of new and library movies from the leading […]

LOVEFiLM Now Available On PS3

by Niraj Shahon November 10, 2010
If you live in the UK, you may have noticed a new icon appear on the XMB today. You can now access LOVEFiLM’s massive catalogue of online movies to stream directly to your PS3. If you aren’t already a customer, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial. Streaming is free with monthly subscription […]

LOVEFiLM Coming To PlayStation 3

by Niraj Shahon October 13, 2010
LOVEFiLM, a leading European film subscription service, has announced a partnership with Sony to bring the service to millions of PS3 consoles across the UK. An agreement between the companies will see LOVEFiLM become an official PS3 integrated subscription film service partner. LOVEFiLM subscribers will be able to stream the UK’s largest choice of subscription […]