Steel Diver Emerges From The Depths For Nintendo 3DS

by Sean Smithon April 5, 2011
Nothing beats a good game of Battleships, especially when it is in spankingly gorgeous 3D-o-vision on your lovely new Ninty console. Read on as God Is A Geek gives you the latest on Steel Diver, out next month on the 3DS! 5th April 2011 – All aboard the submarine, as we’re going diving on 6th […]

Rock Band 3 Review

by Adam Cookon November 10, 2010
Game: Rock Band 3 Developer: Harmonix Publisher: EA/MTV Games Available on: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS (Reviewed on Xbox 360) Harmonix seem to have taken the high road with the Rock Band series, deciding to focus on downloadable songs and band specific titles (The Beatles and Green Day) rather than releasing a new […]

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Coming December 10th 2010

by Adam Cookon October 6, 2010
Nintendo has today announced the release date of the long-awaited Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, exclusively for Nintendo DS for Europe on…drum roll please…the 10th of December 2010! “Action adventure and role playing fans – whether they played the original Golden Sun games or not – will delight in the game’s strong storyline, intriguing plot twists, […]