For Your Amusement: Need For Speed: The Run

by Colm Ahernon March 7, 2014
Who REALLY wants to drive in a driving game?

A Week in Gaming: 28/11/2011 – 2/12/2011

by Alex Wozniakon December 2, 2011
Welcome to another edition of A Week in Gaming brought to you by your new Community Manager! This week we’ve got reviews of Sonic Generations on the 3DS and the new Need For Speed, as well as a preview of some of the games that will be accompanying the launch of the PlayStation Vita. We’ve […]

Need for Speed: The Run Review

by Martin Bakeron November 28, 2011
Need for Speed is a name that makes fans of the racing genre sit up and take notice, it also gets people that generally don't enjoy racing games to look too. Does the latest game in the series, Need for Speed: The Run, add to that legacy or take away from it? Find out with's review now!

Need for Speed: The Run Preview

by Mark Bridleon August 30, 2011
What EA does in the next few months to tie all of The Run’s elements together will determine whether this is a contender, or an accident waiting to happen.

Are You Need For Speed’s Next UK Spokesmodel?

by Adam Cookon July 4, 2011
Electronic Arts have today announced that they are holding a competition to find two lucky people in the UK to be their new Need for Speed Spokesmodels! They are searching for two women with “boundless energy, an outgoing personality, and an edgy style fused with a passion for cars and gaming”. The competition is open […]