8 Things We Want in Next-Gen Crackdown

by Mick Fraseron July 1, 2014
Yes, we know you want Agility Orbs. So do we.

Ruffian Games Announce Game of Glens

by James Bowdenon January 29, 2014
World of Goo meets Angry Birds meets Starcraft.

Achievements Anonymous – Hall of Fame #1

by Lee Garbutton September 7, 2012
This week's Achievements Anonymous introduces a semi-regular sub-feature about the most entertaining Achievements/Trophies to be earnt. This week it's the Squad City Glider achievement from Crackdown 2. Read the full article at GodisaGeek.com.

Crackdown 2 “Deluge” DLC Dated and Detailed!

by Adam Cookon November 2, 2010
As was expected, fans of Crackdown 2 will be getting another reason to re-enter Pacific City sooner rather than later.  Joining the previous “Toy Box” DLC is this new content called “Deluge”. Released on November the 16th, Crackdown 2 will get its “most riotous, challenging and fun addition yet with the release of the “Deluge” […]