Street Fighter IV Coming to the iPhone

by Aaron Sullivanon February 15, 2010
Oh no they didn’t, oh yes they did! Street fighter IV is coming to an iPhone near you and we have the screenshots to prove it (thanks to IGN). Suprisingly the iPhone interpretation of the title maintains its graphical style and we are told that every fighter included will come with thier complete move list […]

God is a Geek visits Capcom

by Asim Tanviron August 3, 2009
As mentioned in episode 2 of our podcast, last week the God is a Geek team were invited down to the Capcom offices in London by Mr Leo Tan (Capcom UK PR Manager) to play some Street Fighter IV against him and some of his Capcom friends. As part of our team we also had […]

Are you a Street Fighter addict?!?!

by Aaron Sullivanon May 28, 2009
Ever had someone tell you that you are playing a certain game just a bit too much? Whether it be too much World of Warcraft (like some of our God is a Geek staff, you know who you are!) or in this case a healthy dose of Street Fighter IV? Well it would seem you […]

Street Fighter IV Preview

by Calvin Robinsonon February 15, 2009
We managed to get early access to SF IV on Friday and we’ve been playing it to death over the weekend. This game is huge! Before I start, here’s some footage of us playing the first round of Arcade mode with Ryu…

Kazuki? Owned?

by Aaron Sullivanon February 2, 2009
Today we finally got to see SFIV in action and get a feel for the highly anticipated title. Although a little late the folks at Trocadero were finally curtious enough to bless us with two SFIV arcade cabinets that have been there since friday. We would finally see if the game lived up to the […]