Go Hands-On With Some Exclusive New Games At Gadget Show Live

by Robin Parkeron March 5, 2014
Sniper Elite 3, Kinect Sports Rivals & more playable.

Transformers Universe Beta Registration Now Open – Gameplay Trailer and Details Here!

by Mick Fraseron October 15, 2012
Given the recent success of High Moon's Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and the anticipation around the upcoming Nintendo-exclusive Transformers Prime, it seems a perfect time for Jagex to launch their own massively multiplayer browser game set in Hasbro's sci-fi universe.

Fans Will Choose the Names for 2 Playable Classes in Transformers Universe

by Charles Le Sueuron October 13, 2011
Getting players involved with the development process in gaming is increasingly becoming a trend for future titles. The process for such involvement is usually a vote based on a small feature of the game. Jagex the development Studio set to bring you Transformers Universe, are also bringing you the next chance to get involved! In […]