See The Division’s collapse of New York in Shoreditch, London

by on March 8, 2016

Ubisoft have collaborated with Monorex and High Rise Murals to bring a piece of New York to London.

Monorex are the team who designed the graffiti you’ll see in game in The Division and they spent five days transforming the Shoreditch art wall into a mural depicting the fall of New York which lies at the heart of The Division’s mythos.

Additionally a layer of bank notes were added to the wall, giving people the opportunity to win Xbox One prizes. Don’t get too excited and head down there, the wall was stripped bare in hours *sad face*.

“First and foremost, we wanted this to be a piece of art. New York is such a familiar place; it’s this huge, shining example of a city at the height of civilisation,” said Holly Cooper, the PR Executive at Ubisoft UK, “That’s what makes the setting of the game in a mid-crisis Manhattan so compelling and believable. “We’re huge fans of the in-game work Monorex produced for the game so the decision to approach the talented team at High Rise was a natural one. They’ve done a wonderful job, depicting this iconic setting steadily descending into crisis. It’s really quite a sight to behold.”

Terry Guy, the founder of Monorex added: “The very first brief from Massive, the development team behind the game was a dream. They asked us to design anything we wanted to go on the walls of NYC, including requests for some darker imagery that referenced the viral outbreak happening in real time and wanted to commission all of the 22 artists we work to submit their signature styles to give the fabric of the city some credibility. Collaborating with Ubisoft UK and painting a large mural is the perfect way to promote this new game release as it directly connects back to our contribution of street art inside the game itself and now we are doing it in the real world.”

The Division takes place in a New York City that has been ravaged by a viral outbreak that took place on Black Friday, and is out today.

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