Vlog: Revisiting older games

by Teamon July 13, 2019
Mick has been playing some old games, mostly because the Elden Ring announcement got him interested in Dark Souls 3 again.

Vlog: Hands-on with GRID

by Teamon July 13, 2019
Vroom Vroom

A year of Sea of Thieves shenanigans

by Mick Dohertyon April 26, 2019
Where has all the rum gone?
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Crackdown 3 video review

by Mick Fraseron February 14, 2019
Crackdown 3 is finally here. Don't believe us? Well Mick F (@Jedi_Beats_Tank) reviewed it, and Adam (@JebusF) has turned it into a rather explodey video review

Far Cry New Dawn video review

by Mick Fraseron February 14, 2019
Ubisoft's semi-sequel to last year's sterling Far Cry 5 is here, and Chris White has reviewed it. Check out the video version, why don't you?

Watch some ANTHEM Endgame footage as we discuss the roadmap!

by Mick Fraseron February 11, 2019
Listen to Mick F chat about a bunch of new Anthem endgame details including the confirmation of the post-launch Roadmap.