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About GodisaGeek: We at GodisaGeek have one mission: To bring you the best news, reviews, previews, videos and podcasts that we can, whilst keeping all our content to a high quality. At heart, the site’s staff is made up of a diverse, passionate team with all manner of tastes. But the fundamental core is that we all love playing games, like you. If something is bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad, and when we love something, we want the enthusiasm to drip from the pages, to rub off on you.

Any press releases can be sent to, which is also the address you can reach the editorial team. We can work with any and all review or preview code, retail or debug. We can also cover titles on all VR-platforms as well. Please also note that any correspondence from us will come from official email addresses, and never third-party accounts.


Adam Cook manages the site with an editorial team of Mick Fraser, Chris White, and Chris Hyde. Our ads (run by NetworkN), our Patreon, and our YouTube Channel are managed by Adam Cook and Chris Hyde.

  • Adam Cook, Editor-in-Chief & Site Manager
  • Chris Hyde, Editor & Marketing
  • Chris White, Editor
  • Mick Fraser,  Editor
  • Lyle Carr, Staff Writer


People who have made content for the site past.

  • Aaron Sullivan
  • Adam Barnes
  • Adam Carroll
  • Alex Wozniak
  • Andy Corrigan
  • Andy Mason
  • Aryel Abrahami
  • Asim Tanvir
  • Brett Claxton
  • Callum Agnew
  • Charles Le Sueur
  • Christian Doyle
  • Chris Lockie
  • Colin Gallagher
  • Colm Ahern
  • Dale Emasiri
  • Dan Murphy
  • Dan Naylor
  • David Hunter
  • Darren Kennedy
  • Emma Matthews
  • Emma Quinlan
  • Gary Bailey
  • Greg Giddens
  • Ian Dransfield
  • Iwan Lehnert
  • James Payne
  • James Pickard
  • Jason Hendricks
  • Joe Bognar
  • Jon Baldie
  • John Reetun
  • John Vanderhoef
  • Jonny Lewis
  • Lee Garbutt
  • Mark Bridle
  • Martin Baker
  • Meg Bethany Read
  • Mick Doherty
  • Mike Stubbs
  • Mikhail Madnani
  • Nick Gillham
  • Nicola Ardron
  • Nick Petrasiti
  • Oscar Pelling
  • Patrick Dane
  • Peter Willington
  • PJ O’Reilly
  • Ray Willmott
  • Richard Simpson
  • Rik Wortman
  • Robin Parker
  • Ryan Esler
  • Ryan King
  • Ryan Sandrey
  • Sean Cleaver
  • Sean Smith
  • Tarak Ford
  • Terry Lucy
  • Thomas Hughes
  • Tony Windebank
  • Wesley Copeland
  • Vikki Blake

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