Podcast #448: The Big E3 2021 Wrap-up

Podcast #448: The Big E3 2021 Wrap-up

by Adam Cookon June 21, 2021
Post-Malone, or Post E3?

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Podcast 446: Biomutant, Knockout City, Scarlet Nexus

by Adam Cookon May 31, 2021
The gang are still playing Knockout City and Scarlet Nexus, but it’s podcast time and Biomutant is out now and Adam Cook and Mick Fraser have been playing that, and have quite differing opinions on it. Some news is likely to break as we record, so maybe we can react live to that as well, […]
Resident Evil Village Spoilercast

Resident Evil Village Spoilercast

by Chris Hydeon May 10, 2021
Beware of spoilers