Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Rank Guide

Hitman 3 guide | How to get the Silent Assassin rank

by Chris Whiteon January 20, 2021
Assassinate like a boss

Cyberpunk2077 Money guide

Cyberpunk 2077 – Easiest ways to make money

by Mick Fraseron December 10, 2020
One thing we noticed while playing Cyberpunk 2077 is that it’s not always easy to make money. Protagonist V comes to Night City primarily to make name for themselves. Despite the wild adventures they get into with gangs and Netrunners and Fixers, their prime motivation is to go out in a blaze of glory after […]

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Game share PS5

How to Game Share on PS5

by Chris Hydeon November 12, 2020
Next-Gen sharing
PS5 playtime

How to find your game playtime on PS5

by Chris Hydeon November 12, 2020
Show me the stats