Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Review

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection review

by Chris Whiteon June 10, 2021
Ryu still out there?
The Nioh Collection review

The Nioh Collection PS5 review

by Mick Fraseron February 9, 2021
Oni the strong survive

Nioh 2 review

Nioh 2 review

by Mick Fraseron March 10, 2020
Turning Japanese.

Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 review

by Gary Baileyon March 1, 2019
Alive and kicking.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Review

by Mikhail Madnanion May 16, 2018
Definitive Indeed

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Review in Progress

by Chris Whiteon February 2, 2018
Oh, Noctis again

Nioh Review

by Chris Whiteon February 2, 2017
Nioh country for old men.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Review

by Richard Simpsonon February 25, 2015
Thanks for the mammaries