StarCraft II Patch 1.4.11 and World of Warcraft Patch 4.1.11

by on April 1, 2011

Blizzard tend to stay away from releasing news on April fools’ day as  a lot of their more extreme design decisions can be misconstrued as an attempt to fool readers. It has come as a huge surprise then that they would not only release patch notes for one but two of their current games!

A random guild finder, Paladin tax, compulsory GG and Zerg/Terran name change are all very believable changes we expect to see very soon in StarCraft II and World of Warcraft.

Marines and Marauders now attack while moving. We felt this functionality was a lot of fun on the Phoenix and wanted to add it to some of the less popular Terran units.

Protoss players that are matched against another Protoss player will automatically start the game with 4 Gateways and Warp Gate tech researched.

You can read the full StarCraft II patch 1.4.11 notes here

Death knights now earn slightly more experience and gold than other character classes.

When using the Need Before Greed looting system, other players may not roll on loot until the Hero Class has chosen to pass.

Whenever a player takes a screenshot of a boss kill or similar accomplishment, all death knight characters will appear slightly more prominent in the image.

Death knight customer support tickets will always be handled before those of other players.

You can read the full World of Warcraft patch 4.1.11 notes here

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