Stellar Blade | How to solve the monorail puzzle

by on April 26, 2024

Stellar Blade is the new sci-fi action game from SHIFT UP Corporation and Sony Interactive Entertainment and puts you in the remarkably uncomfortable shoes of Eve, an airborne super soldier (also known as “Angels”) who is the last hop to save a future society from destruction at the hands of the Naytiba, a mutating alien race that has all but wiped out civilisation. It’s 90% spectacular action, but manages to squeeze a decent amount of puzzles into its run time, such as the Stellar Blade monorail puzzle.

Early on Eve will need to activate a monorail car to take her to another part of Eidos 7. Like most things Eve needs to use, it happens to be out of power, and you’ll need to get it working before you can use it. The puzzle itself is quite tricky, and will require a bit of head-scratching to complete. Or, of course, you can use our guide to solve the monorail puzzle in Stellar Blade instead, and use the time you save to have a KitKat and a cup of tea.

How does the monorail puzzle work?

The puzzle is presented as a power grid with 6 slots and 5 columns containing a decreasing number of blocks. There are 7, 4, 3, 2, and 1 respectively. You also have 4 digits that you’ll need to arrange in the correct order. Those digits are: 1, 3, 6, and 8. Placing each number will supply power to a number of blocks on either side of the slot, and you need to fill all the blocks in each column.

Stellar Blade monorail puzzle

While you can probably brute-force your way to victory by simply swapping the numbers around until you get it, the correct solution is to place the numbers so that the end result looks like this: 3 8 _ 6 _ 1 (where the underscore denotes an empty slot). That should fill up all the columns and restore power to the monorail, allowing you to continue Eve’s mission in Eidos 7 and the surrounding areas.

There you go, now you know how to solve the monorail puzzle in Stellar Blade.