Stellar Blade | How to solve the Simple Puzzle

by on April 26, 2024

While SHIFT UP’s Stellar Blade is primarily an action game, it has its fair share of puzzles for protagonist Eve to get her head around. And by “Eve”, we mean “you, the player”. But while many are physical or environmental, there are a few brain teasers to test your maths mind. The first of these is the Simple Puzzle, and here’s how to solve it in Stellar Blade. Caution, this will contain mild spoilers.

Where is the Simple Puzzle?

You can’t access this particular riddle until you reach Xion, and can roam freely around the city. You’ll need to locate Black Market trader Roxanne, who’s standing beside the Bulletin Board. Access the Board and select Simple Puzzle, then head out of the area and head to the elevator that takes you down to the Orcal. In this room, there’s a small terminal on one of the pillars, and you’ll need to interact with it to solve the puzzle.

Stellar Blade Simple Puzzle

The initial message says:

Oh, I’m so bored! Won’t someone please play with me?

What shall we play?

How about this? I’ll give you an easy puzzle, and you try to solve it!

If you enter the correct answer into the input device installed at the elevator leading to the Presence Chamber, I’ll give you a prize.

No wild guesses, okay?

4@7@8 = 285684
9@3@5 = 271542
6@2@7 = 121426
5@6@7 = ?

The reward is 2 Vitcoins and 1,000 gold.

Obviously, the clues are in the first three lines, but what’s the answer? The trick is identifying what the @ symbols mean, and in this case, it means multiply, but there are actually three sums in each.

Stellar Blade Simple Puzzle

4×7 = 28
7×8 = 56
56+28 = 84

By applying the same logic to the question, you get the following:

5×6 = 30
6×7 = 42
30+42 = 72

So the correct answer is 304272.

Easy when you know how, right? And now you know how to solve the Simple Puzzle in Stellar Blade.