Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom | How to unlock the Invoker Archetype

by on April 24, 2024

In Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom, the second of three planned DLCs for Remnant 2, we return to the world of Yaesha, where a vengeful demigod called Lydusa has been split in two. The benevolent half is trapped, while the malevolent half has unleashed an army of stone monsters on the forest. Aided by a gentle but determined Pan named Walt, the Traveller must stop Lydusa’s reign of terror and uncover the truth about Walt’s lost tribe. Not only does the DLC introduce new areas, enemies, armour and items, it also features a new Archetype. Read on to learn how to unlock the Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom.

Remnant 2 Forgotten Kingdom Invoker

Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom | How to find the Invoker Archetype

First of all, this one isn’t easy, and requires a certain amount of luck and pixel-hunting to find. To begin with you’ll need to play through the Glittering Grotto portion of the new campaign, through the rectangular story path door and through to the other side. There’s a huge statue in the centre of the area with circular staircase in the middle. When you reach a point that you can pull a lever and lower the statue, before taking a nearby lift down, you’ll be able to find the Archetype – only it’s not so simple.

Remnant 2 Forgotten Kingdom Invoker

Now you need to head down the spiral staircase and through the lower door, before descending several ladders and following the wall until you find a short corridor. As you enter it you’ll trigger unavoidable trap switches on the floor, and find yourself facing a square room filled with quicksand, across which arrow traps launch deadly projectiles. Opposite you, on the far side, is a corpse on which you can find the Invoker “Disciple” amrour set, but that’s not the target here.

Remnant 2 Forgotten Kingdom Invoker

When you step in the room you must shimmy between the traps, but standing still for too long will cause you to sink into the sand and die. However, if you look around you’ll see two points in opposite corners where the sand is coming in. Head to the far side on the right and you’ll see two columns of sand falling in, with a few rocks laid out almost like jaws. You’ll also notice that if you stand there, you’re safe and the arrows won’t hit you and the sand won’t drag you down as quickly. You will sink, but slower. Now you have to stand here, still, for several minutes (we counted almost 5), as you slowly sink into the sand. After enough time, an event will trigger and you’ll be sucked under.

Remnant 2 Forgotten Kingdom Invoker

When you wake, you’ll be below the trap room, opposite an altar. On the altar is the Old Flute, which you can take. Now head to to Wallace in Ward 13 to transform it into the Spirit Flute engram, which unlocks the Invoker Archetype.


What is the Invoker Archtype?

The Invoker is a support Archetype that amplifies the efficacy and reduces the cooldown of your skills and those of your allies. It’s built for delivering heavy damage with it’s main abilities, and buffing your other skills. It pairs well with Ritualist to extend the duration of skills like Miasma, and increases the ammo of the Engineer’s turrets.

Prime Perk: Visionary
Doubles base Skill Charges for all Archetypes. Skill activation reduces Skill Cooldowns by 3%.

For Heavy Weapons, doubles Heavy Weapon Base Ammo instead.

Skill 1: Way of Kaeula
Invoke Kaeula to cast a Tidal Wave, dealing 450 Elemental damage and conjuring a 37.5m Rainstorm for 15.45s. Allies inside the Rainstorm gain HASTE. Enemies inside the Rainstorm gain DRENCHED for 10s.

DRENCHED: Reduces Movement Speed by 10%. Every few seconds, lightning strikes enemies dealing 900 base SHOCK damage split among DRENCHED targets. Cooldown: 96 seconds.

Skill 2: Way of Meidra
Invoke Meidra to heal all allies for 20% Max Health over 1.5s and conjure a 25m Forest Growth for 15.45s. After fully blooming, allies in the Forest Growth heal 2% Max Health per second and gain 3% of base damage as Lifesteal. Enemies inside Forest Growth gain GLOOM for 10s.

GLOOM: Increases incoming Elemental damage by 15%. Cooldown: 96 seconds.

Skill 3: Way of Lydusa
Invoke Lydusa to infuse Ranged and Melee Damage with the power to apply BRITTLE, allowing Invoker to generate Sand Devils through damage or kills. Lasts 15.45s.

Reactivating the skill consumes all Sand Devils generated and casts a 15m Sand Blast dealing 100 Elemental Damage per charge. Max 10 charges.

BRITTLE: Increases incoming Critical Chance by 5% and Critical Damage by 15%. Cooldown: 96s.

Remnant 2 Forgotten Kingdom Invoker

The Invoker has four intrinsic perks, as follows:

Soothsayer: On Relic use, extendthe duration of active Invoker skills by 20% of the base duration. Cannot exceed base dutration.

Mind and Body: Increases Movement Speed by 5% while an Invoker Skill is active.

Commumion: Reduces Skill Cooldowns by 1% once every 3s for allies while an Invoker Skill is active.

Entranced: Increases Skill Damage by 3%, Elemental Damage by 1.5%. Damage increases with Invoker level.

The Invoker also recieves the Trait Card, Gifted, which increases Skill Duration by 3% and increases by level.

And now you know how to unlock the Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom. Why not check out the rest of our Remnant 2 guides while you’re here, including how to unlock the Ritualist Archetype? If you’re struggling with a particular boss, check out our Remnant 2 Boss Guides for help.





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