Remnant 2 | How to unlock the Losomn Asylum safe

by on July 22, 2023

As you’re exploring the Losomn (Dran) Asylum in Remnant 2, you will come across a safe in the office on the ground floor. It requires a four-digit code combination to unlock. To find out the code you’ll need to explore the place and complete some additional tasks. And it’s not clear from the safe itself what you need to do.

However, if you follow these steps, you’ll have no trouble unlocking the Losomn Asylum safe in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 | How to unlock the Losomn Asylum safe

Step 1: Find the First Doll

The first part of this puzzle revolves around finding three Stone-Carved Dolls in the Sanitorium. Quest items such as these show up as red items on the floor so they’re easy to locate. You should find the first one on the ground floor of the Sanitorium in the same room as a friendly patient who mentions a nurse who has been locked away in the basement against her will. We will need to remember that.

Step 2: Find the Nurse in the basement

As we progress through the Asylum, we will find ourselves in the basement. Once you have cleared out all the enemies, there is a locked door towards the end of the corridor on the left that you can interact with. This is the nurse who has been involuntarily locked away by the other staff members. Keep talking to her to find out that the reason for her being locked away is her visions of Nightweaver. At this point, you can give her the Stone-Carved Doll you have already found. Do this, and she will be pleased.

Step 3: Find the Second Doll

Exit out of the far side of the basement, and you should find yourself outside the front of the Asylum. Ignore the shed in the corner, with noises coming from it, and instead, from the shed, head right into the other corner. You should see a red item here, and it is another Stone-Carved Doll. Go and give this to the trapped nurse, to make her happier and progress the dialogue with her further. You will then need to return back to the shed. Interact with it and prepare for a boss fight.

Step 4: Defeat Ripsaw

Remnant 2 Ripsaw

Before tackling Ripsaw, it is worth checking out our Ripsaw Boss Guide. This will give you all the tips and tricks you need to know to survive this fight and take down this dangerous enemy. Once Ripsaw is dead, search the shed that he came from to pick up the Asylum Third Floor Key.

Step 5: Find the Third Doll on the Third Floor

With your new key, you’ll be able to enter the top floor of the Asylum. Head through the front door and then up the stairs and around to your right. Go through the door, and then turn right to head through another door and head up the stairs. The door in front of you is locked but can be unlocked with your Asylum Third Floor Key. Beware of flying Fae enemies as you enter this new area. Head down the corridor and enter the room, and there will be more flying enemies. Work your way around the hole in the floor and into the next room to your right. There will be a lot of flying Fae enemies to take out here that will appear from numerous directions through windows. Explore the whole room to be sure all the enemies are taken care of.

When the room is cleared, head around to the far corner from where you entered. And behind a screen, by a chair is the final Stone-Carved Doll. As you backtrack through the previous room, you can also jump out of an open window onto a balcony, to pick up the Prison Cell Key.

Step 6: Return to the Nurse

Now head back to the basement.

Important: Do not choose the option to Unlock the door. Doing so and opening it will kill the nurse. You want to talk to her and give her the final Stone-Carved Doll first. Giving her the final doll will cause her to recite a song for you. It goes:

Oh little Corny Barrows slept / and dreamed he saw a sight / of teeth and trails and darkened veils / and unforgiving light.

Two shing copper teeth removed from // nine discarded combs, and // seven yellowed leaves excised from // one forgotten tome.

It might seem a pointless song, but actually, this is the solution to your safe. The numbers “two”, “nine”, “seven” and “one” just so happens to be the safe code you need.

Note:  At this point, having noted the code, it is fine to unlock the door and open it and pick up the Nightweaver Stone Doll which you can use later.

Step 7: Unlock the Safe

Remnant 2 Losomn Asylum safe

Now with the code in hand, you can head back to the safe. Enter the code 2971 into the safe to unlock it. Inside is a brand-new handgun the Double Barrel which fires like a powerful magnum weapon, giving you another loadout option to play around with.

Congratulations you have unlocked the Losmmn Asylum safe in Remnant 2.





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