Remnant 2 | How long to beat?

by on July 20, 2023

The term “your mileage will vary” is more apt than ever when considering the runtime of Gunfire Games’ exceptional sequel, Remnant 2. This is a game with potentially endless replayability, even with the diminishing returns that will eventually come from repeat content.

As a sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, fans will already know roughly what to expect here: procedurally-generated full-sized campaigns, and smaller bite-size Adventures to run random dungeons and uncover countless secrets across a trio of diverse worlds. But if you’re wondering just how long it takes to beat all of it, we’ve got you covered.

Remnant 2: how long to beat?

The primary campaign of Remnant 2 will see you visit a total of five worlds. Two are much smaller than the others and fixed, those being the Labyrinth and the final realm in which you’ll face the main boss of the campaign. The other three worlds come in a random order, and the content within is procedurally generated to quite an insane degree, meaning very few people will have the same dungeons and areas in the same order. There are also multiple story paths through those worlds, too.

Our initial playthrough saw us begin in the futuristic Phantom Wasteland of N’Erud. We then went to Losomn: Fae (one of two potential Losomn rolls), and then to the woodland world of Yaesha. This can be in any order. Discounting time spent in co-op and Adventure Mode, our campaign playthrough clocked in at around 22 hours, though this could be quicker or slower depending on how many bosses you face and which routes you take.

However, to see everything could take more than triple that, especially if you’re looking to uncover every boss, item, and hidden Archetype in the game. We would estimate around 60 – 80 hours to play the campaign multiple times and roll Adventure Mode a few times.

Remnant 2 | How long to beat?

Which factors determine how long it takes to beat?

Lots. Not only is each world procedural, but there are multiple mysteries and puzzles that can eat away at your time. There are many dungeons scattered through each world, all of which hold treasures such as upgrade materials, boss drops, or even just Trait Points to help improve your build.

Playing in co-op elevates the experience, but you’ll only progress the host’s campaign, so you may well play some areas multiple times just to co-op. Factor in that some worlds have random conditions when you warp in that are required to solve puzzles or farm materials, and there’s no way to guarantee whether that will happen.

And finally, difficulty plays a major part. Remnant 2 is more accessible than the first game on Survivor Mode. Higher difficulties are tougher, and some of the bosses are a genuine challenge even on the easiest setting. The final boss, for example, may take multiple attempts even if you’re skilled.

Remnant 2: Can you continue after the campaign?

Yup. Finishing the campaign gives you a fairly ambiguous ending and then just drops you back in Ward 13 with the option to revisit areas you missed or re-roll the campaign, which is essentially New Game + as it scales enemies to match your current power level. Or, of course, you can continue re-rolling Adventure Mode. You keep everything you have unlocked so far on your character, so go nuts.

And there you go, now you know how long it takes to beat Remnant 2.

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