Remnant 2: The Awakened King | How to unlock the Ritualist Archetype

by on November 14, 2023

Remnant 2: The Awakened King is the first of three planned DLC offerings for Gunfire Games’ superb shooter, and takes us back to Losomn: Dran. If you remember the Losomn storyline, you’ll know that it focused on the One True King, whose betrayal and subsequent death-sleep led to the merging of two dimensions. Well, he’s back, and he’s woken up with a serious case of bed-head. Not only does The Awakened King introduce new enemies, dungeons, weapons, and trinkets, but also a brand new Archetype. Read on to learn how to unlock the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2: The Awakened King.

Remnant 2: The Awakened King | How to find the Ritualist Archetype

Compared to the rest of the unlockable classes in Remnant 2, the Ritualist is surprisingly easy. You’ll first need to load into the Awakened King DLC by using the World Stone and selecting Adventure Mode. You’ll arrive on the Forlorn Coast, and must fight your way through the first half of the overworld before heading through the Main Path dungeon. If you selected the One Shot option to play through the DLC, that will most likely be Sunken Haunt (it’s all we’ve ever gotten so far).

Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist

Make it through the Sunken Haunt and emerge back onto the Forlorn Coast, and now make your way down to the docks. There are loads of enemies here, both Dran townsfolk and the new bloater enemies that hurl poison and charge you. These are not only in set spawn points, but can randomly burst out of killed Dran. You’ll eventually come to a series of boats that you can jump across or access via plank bridges. Follow them to reach a cave entrance.

Once you reach the cave, head into it to find a ritualist witch doing… something to one of the emaciated Losomn pigs. There’s no boss fight or special event, although the ritualist is classed as an Elite enemy. Kill her, and then take the Ragged Poppet item off the post at the back of the cave.

Now head to Wallace in Ward 13 to transform it into the Cursed Effigy.

Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist

What is the Ritualist Archetype?

This Archetype slots into the same category as the Alchemist and Summoner in many ways, in that it’s more about debuffing the enemy or buffing you than direct damage. It pairs nicely with Archetypes like Alchemist and Archon because it makes use of status ailments to weaken the enemy and apply heavy tick damage.

Prime Perk: Vile
Ngative Status Effects applied by Ritualist inflict Infected.

Infected Victim recieves 5% more Status Effect damage. On death, spreads all statuses to nearby enemies within 5m.

Skill 1: Eruption
Creates 1m explosion for 100 damage on all enemies within 15m. Explosion Radius and Damage increases 100% for each unique Status Effect on the target. Refreshes all current Status Effects on the target.

Skill 2: Miasma
Casts an AOE burst that applies Bleeding, Burning, Overload, and Corrosion to all enemies within 15m, dealing a total 1000 base damage. Lasts 11 seconds.

Skill 3: Deathwish
Negates all healing to self. Drain 300% Health over 20s. increases all Damage by 35% and grants Base Damage dealt as Lifesteal.

Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist

The Ritualist also has four intrinsic perks, as follows:

Wrath: Increases all damage to enemies affected by a Negative Status Effect by 2%. Damage increases with Ritualist level.

Terrify: Killing an entity applies Terrified to all enemies within 5m of killed entity for 20s. Terrified enemies deal 5% less damage.

Dark Blood: Reduces damage recieved from Negative Status Effects by 25%.

Purge: On Relic use, cleanse all Negative Status Effects.

The Ritualist also recieves the Trait Card, Afflicition, which increases Status Effect duration against enemies by 10% and increases per level.

And now you know how to unlock the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2: The Awakened King. Why not check out the rest of our Remnant 2 guides while you’re here, including how to unlock the Ritualist Zealot armour set, or the new Scythe weapon. If you’re struggling with a particular boss, check out our Remnant 2 Boss Guides for help.





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