Borderlands’ Mad Moxxi is joining up with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky

by on April 20, 2022

In one of the strangest, but also the most “it makes sense” collaborations we’ve seen in a while, Borderlands character Mad Moxxi has been “hired” as Chief Galactic Expansion Officer (CGEO) for Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky. This will include the first ever limited-edition bottle, designed to promote “responsible drinking from her bar”, while also offering exclusive access to Borderlands 3 content.

Ballantine’s is one of the most well known brands out there (the second-largest Scotch brand, apparently), and the limited-edition Scotch Whisky will be called “Ballantine’s x Moxxi’s Bar Edition”.  There’s even a trailer that’s been made featuring Moxxi and Borderlands’ own mascot, Claptrap, which you can see below.

Here’s the official word on the deal:

“To kick off her contract, Moxxi has created her own Borderlands x Ballantine’s bottle of Scotch whisky: the Ballantine’s x Moxxi’s Bar Edition. This limited-edition run will be available first on Pandora and later across selected retailers on Earth. Just like at Moxxi’s bar, it’s first come, first served. Moxxi will also be sharing her spoils with close friends and fans through her social channels, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Those lucky enough to snag a bottle will get access to exclusive Borderlands 3 content.

In the coming months, Pandora’s favourite barkeep will also be tasked with recruiting her own squad of the galaxy’s finest Vault Hunters to help spread the word, broadcasting their adventures, giving out exclusive swag and sharing Mad Moxxi’s latest scoops. There’s also whispers of Moxxi making appearances at bars beyond her usual turf…”

Borderlands' Mad Moxxi is joining up with Ballantine's Scotch Whiskey

If you do grab one of the bottles, that exclusive content hasn’t been detailed just yet. However, Moxxi has said A good partnership balances business and pleasure in equal measure. And ours got off to a sweet start. George Ballantine came over to my place with a blush-worthy proposition. He offered me my own special run of bottles. I call it, ‘Moxxi’s Bar Edition.’ Get your hands on one of them, sugar, they’ll treat you right. Like the best things in life, it goes down smooth”.

Moxxi will be reporting directly to Ballantine’s Marketing Director, Mathieu Deslandes who commented: “We’ve been following Moxxi’s adventures in Pandora for some time now and are delighted to have such an infamous entrepreneur on board. Her handling of the Heist of the Handsome Jackpot was second to none and her impressive hostessing of the Underdome Riot is not easily forgotten. I have no doubt Moxxi will help catapult Ballantine’s to galactic heights and encourage Vault Hunters to stay true to themselves.”

So in short, you can now buy a Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky limited edition that’s made in collaboration with Borderlands and Mad Moxxi. If you’re wondering why this is all promoting Borderlands 3, and not Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (the more recent game), that simple: Moxxi isn’t in that game.