Stellar Blade | How to solve the Wisdom Puzzle

by on April 26, 2024

While SHIFT UP’s Stellar Blade is primarily an action game, it has its fair share of puzzles for protagonist Eve to get her head around, and one you may need help with is the Wisdom Puzzle. The solution to this puzzle isn’t immediately obvious and could leave you scratching your head for a while. Luckily here at God is a Geek, we’ve got you covered with the solution to this brain teaser. Read on to discover how to solve the Wisdom Puzzle in Stellar Blade.

Where is the Wisdom Puzzle?

You can’t access this particular riddle until you reach Xion after returning from the Wasteland mission, and can roam freely around the city. You’ll need to locate Black Market trader Roxanne, who’s standing beside the Bulletin Board. Access the Board and select the Wisdom Puzzle, listen to the instructions, then head out of the area and head to the elevator that takes you down to the Orcal’s Presence Chamber. In this room, there’s a small terminal on one of the pillars, and you’ll need to interact with it to solve the puzzle.

Stellar Blade Wisdom Puzzle

Stellar Blade | How to solve the Wisdom Puzzle

The initial puzzle has the following numerical notations:

37#21 =928

77#44 = 3993

123#17 = 14840

71#6 = ?

The idea of this puzzle is to study the pattern that exists in the first three sets of numbers, and what you have to do to them to reach the solution in each case. Once you’ve worked out the pattern you can then apply it to the final riddle with ? symbol, and then key in the correct solution

Wisdom Puzzle Solution

Unlike the Simple Solution, whereby the singular symbol could simply be replaced by a numerical operation to get the solution, things are slightly more complicated in the Wisdom Puzzle. But like most puzzles, it’s fairly simple once you know the answer.

What isn’t immediately obvious is that you have to do three different steps to solve each equation. We’ll list them out below:

Step One: Add the two numbers

The first step is to add the two numbers together to get a new number. In the case of the first example this would be the following:

37+21 = 58

Now let’s put that number to one side and move on to Step 2.

Step Two: Find the difference between the two numbers

The next step is to find the difference between the two numbers. You’ll notice that in each example, the largest number is always written first. So simply deduct the second number from the first to find the difference. If we do this to the first example we get:

37-21 = 16

Now we have a second number, now let’s jump to Step 3.

Stellar Blade Wisdom Puzzle

Step Three: Multiply your two numbers together

Now we take our two found numbers and multiply them together. If we take the two numbers we have found so far, this would give us:

58 x 16 = 928

Which we know is the answer to the first problem, so our solution works. Now we just need to apply the method to our puzzle numbers.


Step One: 71+6 = 77

Step Two: 71-6 = 65

Step Three: 77 x 65 = 5005


This means the solution to the Wisdom Puzzle in Stellar Blade is 5005.

Key this solution in to solve the puzzle.