Sony Announce Eight New Indie Titles for Playstation 4

by on June 11, 2013

Sony have announced that Don’t Starve, Mercenary Kings, Octodad, Secret Ponchos, Ray’s Dead, Outlast, Oddworld ‘new and tasty’ and Galak-Z will all be exclusive, or make their console debut, on Playstation 4.

Don’t Starve is a top down roguelike in which players try to last as long as possible.

Mercenary Kings is a gorgeous, sprite based run and gun shooter with clear shades of Contra/Metal Slug.

Octodad is a console versions of PC life sim in which you control an Octopus masquerading as a human for hilarious results.

Secret Ponchos is a great looking top down shooter.

Ray’s Dead is an interesting Pikmin-like ‘mass army’ game in which you recruit ally zombies from the grave to help you discover how your character met his untimely demise.

Outlast is a ‘fill-your-pants’ Amnesia alike with a found-footage, cam corder like mechanic.

Oddworld New and Tasty is a complete remake of the original Oddworld adventure.

Finally, Galak-Z is an open-world space shooter.

Eight solid looking indie titles to add to the likes of The Witness from Sony’s conference earlier in the year.

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