Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes | Where to find wild boars

by on April 23, 2024

In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, wild boars are a bit of a pain early on. You will meet a hero who wants to join your gang, but like many of them in the game, they will want you to do a task that proves your mettle to them initially.

One of the first cases where this happens is when you meet Kuroto at Altverden Village. Here you will encounter a few characters who can join your party, but in this case, he will want you to explore and find Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes wild boars to defeat. Only three are required, but they can be an annoyance, firstly because you might not know where to find them, and secondly because they spawn randomly in the location, as well.

Where to find Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes wild boars?

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes | Where to find wild boars

Kuroto will give you a hint, but you need to head East of Eltisweiss (your starting town) and head towards a location called Redthroat Ridge. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, make sure you’ve met Mellore in Eltisweiss as well, as this is where she heads, and if you do her mission before Kuroto’s, the wild boar kills do not stack, so you’ll need to start afresh anyway.

How to find wild boars in Redthroat Ridge?

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes | Where to find wild boars

This is where it gets a bit dicey, because enemies are a random spawn. Some of our team decided to head deep into the Ridge, nearer the boss for Mellore’s quest. This is fine if you wish to do that, but we’d strongly suggest you take Francesca as well. She is also in the Altverden Village, and will join on asking her, and is a healer.

Anyway, other members of our team just ran around the starting area until the enemy spawned. This is just as viable if you’ve already done the Mellore quest. Either way, you are simply going to have to keep fighting in this Redthroat Ridge map area until they spawn. Do that, return to Kuroto, and he will join you. Hurrah!