Insurmountable hits consoles today

by on April 24, 2024

Previously only available on PC, developer ByteRockers’ Games and publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced Insurmountable is out on consoles now. That includes Nintendo Switch, by the way, along with PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

The team says these new versions include all of the updates, “bells and whistles” that the PC version has. A new trailer has been released to celebrate the console edition launch, which you can check out, below:


Insurmountable is an adventure rogue-lite with permadeath, where tough decisions lurk behind every corner. Thanks to the procedurally created environment, dynamic weather, a day and night cycle and a multitude of randomly generated events, no two climbs are the same. While most Rogue-lites try to kill the player with hordes of enemies, in Insurmountable the world itself, the mountain, is the one seemingly invincible enemy that snaps your neck when you don’t watch every step. Your decisions matter….every single one, because it could always be your last one.

Choose one of three characters with different skills and background stories. Search crates, caves and ancient ruins for equipment from past adventurers. You’ll need it, because the mountains will demand everything from you. But don’t worry. As time goes by, you’ll become stronger and stronger. Take advantage of a sophisticated skill system to determine which strengths your climber should have.

In the course of three mysterious stories, you will meet dangerous animals, overcome deadly abysses, encounter both sinister and well-meaning characters, who do not always have to be human. Face the sheer force of nature and keep your eyes on the summit to overcome the insurmountable.

Here’s the key features from the latest press release:

  • No two climbs are alike
  • Procedurally generated mountains
  • Dynamic world with different weather effects
  • Mysterious story about time loops
  • Hundreds of events with ever-changing outcomes
  • Strategic gameplay in path finding, stat and equipment management
  • 3 characters with different abilities

Insurmountable is out today for PS4, PS5, and Xbox consoles. It’s also out now for PC.