Android Vs. Apple: What Works Best for Online Gamblers?

by on February 26, 2021

Since the invention of Apple and Android, users of the two operating systems have tried to outdo one another. The argument always comes down to proving which OS is better when it comes to online gambling. 

Those who enjoy playing NetBet Casino or mobile games while on the move have to decide carefully which is the ideal fit. Before making any purchases, you want to learn about what the different OS versions entail. This article discusses several aspects of both Android and Apple in regards to online gaming.

Early Game Launch for iOS Users

By 2020, gaming was the most popular category in the Apple App Store, with game apps taking up more than 22% . It is a well-known fact that iPhone users can access their preferred game titles way ahead of Android users. This is because game developers need to provide the games in a few OS versions. 

They only avail their provision for two different kinds of gadgets, which are iPhones and iPads. Another reason is that most games made for Android devices have to be applicable in many more OS versions for the various smartphone firms. It is standard practice when it comes to the various types of video games. 

However, for casino games, things are a bit different. Most casinos, including this top Canadian online casino, will allow users to access their site or app through Android and Apple devices. It implies that the casino games have been ideally fit prior to the launch. This could also mean that the games are restricted to particular Android gadgets.

Focus on a Quality Gaming Experience

In 2016, Apple chose to wipe out every old app that failed to meet its requirements. The idea was to promote quality apps, which could offer high-quality games for its users. Google takes on all sorts of mobile games and consequently experienced an increase in its Android games. In fact, the Google Play Store had a total of 29.4 billion mobile games downloaded in 2018. 

Unfortunately, the majority of these games cannot be replayed. They tend to crash and experience multiple malfunctions. On the upside, both Apple and Google have high-quality games that are flawless on their respective devices. There are game developers who go the extra mile to make sure that players are unable to tell the difference when playing on either of the devices. 

Restrictions on Digital Games

Apple occasionally introduces a new rule that deletes many applications from its store. You could be playing your favorite game, and the next notification you receive is that Apple no longer supports the game. 

Unlike Apple, Google hardly disrupts the mobile games available in its apps. It only interferes when there is a global dissent regarding them. Android mobile games are always available unless they are discontinued by the game developer.  

User Experience

In comparison to Android, iPhone users have an uninterrupted gaming experience with lesser OS-related flaws. There are a few discrepancies where the games originate from renowned developers such as Konami PES and PUBG. 

However, there is a significant difference in games created by smaller developers. Indie gamers are likely to enjoy their playing experience on iPhones more than Android. The distinctions could be influenced by the quality variation in the two phones. However, iPhone users generally have a better experience.