Reus 2 announced, ten years after the original game

by on May 11, 2023

Ten years after 2013’s Reus was released, the sequel: Reus 2 has been announced by Abbey Games, taking players back to becoming a god again.

The original title was a big success for the team, having sold over a million units worldwide, but Reus 2 is aiming to “bring players old and new back to this unique universe where players control colossal giants and shape planets in order to guide humanity towards one of many destinies”.

In Reus 2, players can expect their giants to do much more than simply nurture planets for humanity’s benefit. They will also explore the fate of humanity in the cosmos of their creation. With the game’s civilization experiments, players can create multiple planets and explore how different human tribes react to the world that has been shaped for them. Players can also plan and discover strategic synergies within ecosystems, biomes, and between giants. Over time, players will discover more and more ways to bring life to their planets, with endless combinations of nature and different rosters of giants.

As humanity evolves, it will be entirely up to players to help them uncover both the best and worst of their destinies. Players can choose to foster and shape human aspirations helping them achieve their goals, or pave a more difficult road. Featuring meta progression and an adaptive experience, it’ll be up to players to decide what combination of challenging and relaxing gameplay they’d like. If something isn’t to their liking, players can always start a new humanity.

Reus 2

Maarten Wiedenhof, Manuel Kerssemakers, and Adriaan Janseen (the three founders of Abbey Games) said that “The original Reus is a decade old, and much has changed in the gaming world. We’re excited to bring Reus 2 to this new era, and show what it can bring to all those who want to create their own perfect world!”.

Anders Larsson, founder and CEO explained that “Reus 2 was an immediate love affair for us at Firesquid. This relaxed god game where you can just start another humanity if they misbehave is such a great idea, and Abbey games have a history of developing great games”.

Here’s the list of features from the press release:

  • Control Giants: Step into the shoes of powerful giants as they shape planets. Foster or punish the development of human societies. The choice is yours.
  • Experiment with Natural Resources: Using different combinations of flora and fauna together can help find new interactions between these elements and witness how they change the human societies that inhabit that world.
  • Observe and Define Your Own Goals: Shape the development of humanity and watch as their societies evolve from primitive eras to advanced civilizations. Whether they are obsessed space explorers or self-destructive warmongers, who are you to judge humanity’s choices?
  • Leave a Lasting Legacy: Each playthrough leaves a lasting legacy in the stars – and inspires new paths to take.

Reus 2 is currently in development with no release date as of yet.