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Far Cry 4 background

Podcast Season 7 Episode 16 – Delirious and Tired

by Teamon November 20, 2014
Or Adam's drunk, we're not sure.
Tiny Troopers Joint Ops

Competition: Win Tiny Troopers Joint Ops on PS4 [CLOSED]

by Teamon November 19, 2014
Who doesn't love free games?

Sunset Overdrive

Podcast Season 7 Episode 15 – Serial Podcasters

by Teamon November 12, 2014
Four guys, one pod.

Sunset Overdrive weapons

Podcast Season 7 Episode 13 – Dead Dads

by Teamon October 30, 2014
You won't believe what happened next


Online Games: Are They Unreliable?

by Teamon October 22, 2014
Online Games: Are They Unreliable?
Evil Within Weeble

Podcast Season 7 Episode 11 – They Wobble But Don’t Fall Down

by Teamon October 16, 2014
Adam's frustration at being old continues

Alien Isolation preview featured

Podcast Season 7 Episode 9 – The Prodigal Son returns

by Teamon October 3, 2014
Aliens, Football, Destiny, and Ethan Carter.