About: Aryel Abrahami

Founding member of GodisaGeek.

You may remember me from video features such as the Cataclysm Beta and HowToStarCraftII.

My gaming upbringing was a mixture of NES, SNES and Megadrive before my brother decided to convert to the church of PlayStation.

Nowadays I have my own cash and own all of the major consoles and a top of the range gaming PC. Dropping a grand to upgrade my PC is not a huge decision, it's a requirement! If you can't find me on the PS3 or 360 then I am probably on my PC playing the latest MMO, RTS or FPS.

Recent Articles by Aryel Abrahami

War in The North 360 degree Screenshots Released

Warner Bros have today released not one but two, yes two! Interactive 360 degree screenshots of their upcoming Lord of The Rings title, War in The North. These interactive screenshots give expansive views of the game, offering full perspective on these unexplored lands and threats of the North. The...
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High Flyer Death Defyer Drops onto iOS

Fuel up your jetpack and freefall into the beautiful yet secret-filled utopia of High Flyer Death Defyer. Indie developer Game Mechanic Studios have announced that its first fully original IP game, High Flyer Death Defyer, is now available for download on select iOS platforms from...
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Drivers Blamed for Rage Technical Problems

Rage launched yesterday in the US across all three major platforms and it came as no surprise that the PC version is showing some interesting issues. The major issues include texture, lag, and, framerate problems, Bethesda have been quick to identify graphical drivers as the...
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First Look – Men of War: Vietnam

Welcome back to another First Look, this time around we have another PC exclusive to show you in the form of Men of War: Vietnam. The Men of War series is known for its unique take on the RTS genre with micro management preferred to macro style base building.

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Free Realms Now Available on PSN Europe

The PlayStation 3 certainly seems to be the platform of choice for the console MMO with Free Realms the latest game in the genre to be released via PSN. The free-to-play MMO was released back in March across the pond and now Europeans have a chance...
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