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My favourite games have plots, and love exploring the ways games tell stories. I've been "exploring" this on God is a Geek since January 2011, taking the odd break to play Super Smash TV, drink fine ale and rock out.

I compare video games to romance novels, vent fury at celebrity voiceovers and nurse a severe Tomb Raider complex over at my blog, Well-Rendered.

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Character Select: GLaDOS

In Portal, you beat the boss on your own terms. GLaDOS is not alone in being the object of a satisfying boss fight that provides a fitting narrative and mechanical climax to a well-paced linear game. But she is unique in the sense that in killing her, you’re destroying the very heart of a gameworld, that’s kept you, the player, captive as much as it has the protagonist Chell.

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Character Select: Lara Croft

Name: Lara Croft

Game: Tomb Raider (2013)

Species: Human

In her own words: “I don't think I'm that kind of Croft.” This is the first episode of Character Select not to contain spoilers about the character it's based on. However, it does contain Ghost in the Shell spoilers, so if you've yet to see the 1995 movie,...
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Character Select: Clementine

Like all good horror stories, The Walking Dead taps into a primal human fear. It’s a zombie story, and like many zombie stories, it doesn’t exploit our fear of death so much as our fear that all our earthly struggles are futile.

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Mugen Souls Review

Mugen Souls describes itself as an “over-the-top, overwhelming RPG!” (exclamation mark included), and it’s probably worth noting that neither of those things are necessarily good. Read the entire review at GodisaGeek.com.

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Tales of Graces f Review

If you’re looking for a deep, strategic battle system or an accessible introduction to a genre that can sometimes seem impenetrable, Tales of Graces f is a solid choice.

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