About: Mick Fraser

I've been sluicing around the outer rim of the games industry for about eight years, writing for various sites such as the now-defunct Acegamez, ConsoleMonster and RaidingParty. Most recently I occupied the position of Reviews Editor for Made2Game, but left to explore pastures new - namely my personal blog kill.loot.level. I've written and self-published a novel, which continues to sell just over two copies a month, and I'm working on a second. Slowly.


As far as gaming goes, I prefer a good RPG over most genres, though I've had my head turned by many an FPS or adventure game (where most people want to be Batman, I just really want to be Nathan Drake). Give me a game with a decent story and fleshed-out characters and I'm happy. Alternatively, give me Shoot Many Robots... Also, I pretend I don't like racing or football games, but really I just suck at them.

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