Alienware Teases New Web Series, The Proxy – Serious Prizes up for Grabs

by Terry Lucyon March 8, 2012
Dell has teased a new web series, The Proxy, which launches today and comes with some serious prizes - including a flight in a fighter jet.

IO Interactive to Present G2-Crowd Technology at GDC This Week

by Terry Lucyon March 5, 2012
IO Interactive has said that it will demo the G2-Crowd Technology it has used in Hitman: Absolution at GDC in San Francisco this week.

Minecraft 1.2 Update is Out Now, Given Awesome Trailer by Hat Films

by Terry Lucyon March 1, 2012
Mojang has updated Minecraft to 1.2, bringing with it a whole host of new features including cats and zombies.

Geek in the Tubes — Episode 8: The Great Battle of Skyrim, Call of Duty: Police Warfare

by Terry Lucyon February 24, 2012
Episode eight of Geek in the Tubes brings awesome Skyrim and Minecraft mods, as well as a fan made Call of Duty video and some FIFA funnies.

PES 2012 and OnLive: A Match Made for Those With Fast Internet

by Terry Lucyon February 23, 2012
GodisaGeek's Terry Lucy has been playing PES 2012 on the OnLive Platform, but how well does it work from the cloud? Read on to find out.

Ready at Dawn Working on New IP for “Next Generation Home Console”

by Terry Lucyon February 20, 2012
In a job posting on its site, Ready at Dawn Studios has stated that it's working on a new AAA IP for the "Next Generation Home Console."

Our Mission is “To Prove to People That Transformers can be a Great Game,” Says High Moon Game Director

by Terry Lucyon February 13, 2012
High Moon Studios' Game Director Matt Tieger hopes to prove to hardcore gamers that Transformers can be a great game, he has told GodisaGeek.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Toys Announced, We Chat with Hasbro

by Terry Lucyon February 13, 2012
Hasbro has announced a lineup of Transformers toys to coincide with the launch of High Moon Studios' Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Shoreditch Gets SoulCalibur V Graffiti Mural, Watch the Art Unfold in Time-Lapse video

by Terry Lucyon January 30, 2012
Namco Bandai has teamed up with ENDoftheLINE to create a massive SoulCalibur V mural in the heart of East London's trendy Shoreditch area.