Beyond Two Souls featured

Opinion: Is Realism Making Games Less Fun?

by Adam Cookon October 8, 2014
Fantasy Gaming

App Store featured

Five Apps You Should Consider Grabbing This Week (6/10/14)

by Mikhail Madnanion October 6, 2014
Passwords, News, Calculators, and Banking

Opinion: Who is Winning the Firmware War?

by Adam Cookon September 24, 2014
Two drunks going toe-to-toe

Opinion I am a gamer

Opinion: Despite Everything, I’m Still a Gamer

by Mick Fraseron September 2, 2014
Proud to be a gamer.

Staff Picks: Games That Made Us Cry

by Teamon August 25, 2014
Reach for the tissues (no, not for that).

Villains Featured

Staff Picks: Our Favourite Villains

by Teamon August 11, 2014
This week, the Godisageek crew pick out our all-time favourite video game baddies.

RePlayed: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

by Mick Fraseron August 8, 2014
Enemy Replayed

First Games

Staff Picks: Our First Gaming Memories

by Teamon July 28, 2014
WARNING: Rose-tinted glasses must be worn at all times.