Final Fantasy XIV Character Creation

by Calvin Robinsonon June 25, 2013
We take a look at the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta character creation processes.

Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus Review

by Calvin Robinsonon May 30, 2013
The real Star Trek video game?


Marvel Heroes Beta Weekend Key Giveaway

by Calvin Robinsonon April 16, 2013
The next beta weekend for Marvel Heroes takes place between Friday 19th April, through Sunday 21st. We haven’t yet got the exact time-slots, but we’ll update you as soon as we know.

Neverwinter Beta Key Giveaway [Finished]

by Calvin Robinsonon March 21, 2013
Perfect World’s Neverwinter MMO will be the latest game in the much beloved Dungeons & Dragons franchise. Fans of Ding! will have heard the team talk about this MMO extensively, and may have caught one of our live-streaming sessions during the beta weekends. The third beta weekend event is about to take place, and we’d […]

Neverwinter Beta Live Steam [Finished]

by Calvin Robinsonon March 19, 2013
Regular listeners to Ding! will know how excited the team are about Neverwinter, the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons MMO from Perfect World. Well ‘Team Ding!’ are playing in the Neverwinter beta right now

[CLOSED] Marvel Heroes Beta Key Giveaway

by Calvin Robinsonon November 20, 2012
Marvel Heroes beta is coming soon, and we have a bunch of keys to giveaway to ten lucky readers.

[CLOSED] City of Steam Beta Key Giveaway

by Calvin Robinsonon November 13, 2012
Fans of our MMO focused podcast, Ding! will be well aware of City of Steam by now. The Steam Punk browser-based MMO by Mechanist Games.
Guild Wars 2 - Icon

Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores Free Weekend Key Giveaway

by Calvin Robinsonon November 13, 2012
Listeners to Ding!, our MMORPG podcast will know we’re all great fans of GW2 here at GodisaGeek.

Fighters Club Preview

by Neranjan Venomon March 14, 2012
We recently got a chance to get some hand-on time with a preview for the upcoming MMO/Brawler, Fighters Club at GDC 2012. Find out what we thought with the preview.