Star Trek Online: Annual Update

by Calvin Robinsonon February 24, 2011
If you follow MMO news on GodisaGeek, you’ll know that Atari and Cryptic Studios recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Star Trek Online. That means it’s been almost a year since our initial review of the game. We felt it was time to give you an update on the ins-and-outs of the Online adaptation of Roddenberry’s Universe. An […]

Champions Online Gives The Gift Of XP

by Adam Cookon February 17, 2011
To celebrate the “pretty overwhelming” relaunch of MMO Champions Online as a free-to-play title, Atari and Cryptic are going to be giving out a special XP bonus as a way of thanking all players, new or old! Champions Online went “free for all” on January the 25th and has enjoyed “hundreds of thousands” of players […]

Faxion Online’s Multi-Class System Revealed

by Aryel Abrahamion January 26, 2011
Character class and multi-classing system details for the upcoming Faxion Online, an MMORPG all about heaven and hell have been revealed today.  The MMORPG is Scheduled to go into closed beta later this month, Faxion Online promises to take players through the gates of heaven and hell as the divine struggle between good and evil wages […]

Fan Made World Of StarCraft Gets The Hook

by Aryel Abrahamion January 20, 2011
Whilst Blizzard have only joked/teased the possibility of a StarCraft based MMO, StarCraft 2 modder Ryan Winzen of Winzen Productions has turned concept into reality with his StarCraft 2 custom map…or at least he had done for a short time until Activision Blizzard stamped down on his wonderful creation. Ryan released a short pre-alpha trailer […]

Rift “Battle of the Ascended” Beta Kicks Off January 25th

by Adam Cookon January 18, 2011
Trion have today announced that the fifth closed beta event for MMORPG title “Rift” will kick off on the 25th of January. Entitled “Battle of the Ascended”, this beta will include a raised level cap (up to 30), access to the Scarlet Gorge Zone and the opening of the Foul Cascade dungeon.

Cataclysm Sells Big in First Month

by Aryel Abrahamion January 10, 2011
Blizzard’s third expansion for the award winning World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, has sold big. 4.7 million big, to be a little more precise. The huge sales have once again broken PC records, this time for copies sold within the first month. With more than 12 million paying subscribers it would seem that less than half of […]

The World (of Warcraft) Ends This Week!

by Aryel Abrahamion November 22, 2010
This week the World of Warcraft live servers will receive patch 4.0.3a and will bring the end of Azeroth! Perhaps we are being a little dramatic eluding to the notion that patch 4.0.3a is some kind of MMO cyanide. Whilst WoW will certainly not end this week, it will never be the same again and that is […]

APB Set To Return As Free-To-Play

by Martin Bakeron November 16, 2010
Did you always enjoy playing Cops & Robbers in the school playground as a kid? Well, before they banned it I mean. I’m sure you did. We all did. I’m also sure that you bought APB when it came out in July too. What’s that? You didn’t?! Well don’t feel bad, neither did anybody else. […]

When Warcraft Meets StarCraft

by Aryel Abrahamion November 1, 2010
What happens when you mix Blizzard’s award winning MMO, World of Warcraft and record breaking RTS, StarCraft II ? Well apparently you get a kick-ass machinima. The aptly named Zerg vs World of Warcraft depicts a Zerg assault on Azeroth with the Horde and Alliance defending their capital cities with some help from intergalactic friends. The video is just a […]