Highlights from the E3 2017 IndieCade Showcase

by John Vanderhoefon June 19, 2017
The weird and wonderful


Assassin’s Creed Origins takes players to ancient Egypt

by John Vanderhoefon June 19, 2017
The AC eagle is finally a playable character


Bravo Team promises an intense cooperative first-person shooter for PSVR

by John Vanderhoefon June 19, 2017
Bravo Team is a first-person, point-to-point, cover-based shooter for PSVR from Supermassive Games, who have already cut their VR teeth on titles like Tumble VR and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.   Set in a nondescript Eastern European city after the assassination of that country’s President, Bravo Team is a one to two player shooter […]

Knack 2 is best with a friend

by John Vanderhoefon June 15, 2017
Doesn’t have the knack for an exciting singleplayer mode