Video Features

Davie Douglas on Splatoon’s Content Rollout

by Adam Cookon June 30, 2015
He's a squid now.

Unofficial E3 2015 Game of Show, Courtesy of Davie Douglas

by Teamon June 21, 2015
The Double-D Shock Jock gives his unwanted opinions.

Davie Douglas on Batman: Arkham Knight, Sort Of

by Teamon June 20, 2015
He does love his bingo.


Let’s Play Together: The Jackbox Party Pack

by Dan Nayloron June 19, 2015
Warning: Likely to get filthy.

XCOM 2 Preview – We’ve Seen it in Action

by Adam Cookon June 17, 2015
Brand new gameplay footage and Stubby's thoughts.
Xbox one UI

Here’s how you play 360 Games on your Xbox One

by Adam Cookon June 16, 2015
All captured for posterity in video form.

Is Episode Duscae V2.0 Any Better?

by Adam Cookon June 13, 2015

Dirty Bomb is a Cool Free Game

by Adam Cookon June 12, 2015
Better than a dirty protest.