Assassin’s Creed Origins gets two sets of tie in headphones, one set is a touch pricey

by Nick Gillhamon September 27, 2017
Not attached to those internal organs are you?

Podcast: The beauty in the chaos (09/08/17)

by Chris Whiteon August 9, 2017
Play Hellblade, play Hellblade, play Hellblade

Our favourite games from E3 2017

by Teamon June 20, 2017
Buckle up for one hell of a year!

Assassin’s Creed Origins takes players to ancient Egypt

by John Vanderhoefon June 19, 2017
The AC eagle is finally a playable character

First Assassin’s Creed: Origins footage shown at E3

by David Hunteron June 11, 2017
Now with even more eagles.