Former IGN UK News Editor Luke Karmali joins Bastion

by Mikhail Madnanion January 6, 2016
Some big names being taken on by Luke at Bastion
Freestyle Rap

Podcast (16/4/15) – Calvin, Gimme a Beat

by Adam Cookon April 16, 2015
Freestyle rap.
Transistor feat

Transistor Sells over 600,000

by Dan Nayloron January 9, 2015
Bastion sales top 3 million.

Transistor Cutscene

The Godcast: Season 6 Episode 41

by Teamon May 22, 2014
Once you pop, you can't stop
Transistor SLIDER

Transistor Review

by Adam Cookon May 20, 2014
Someone still loves you
Transistor Combat

Transistor Launch Trailer Is Here & It Looks Lovely

by Lee Garbutton May 19, 2014
More isometric fun from the developers of Bastion.