Games inspired by music artists: a few ideas

by Emma Quinlanon January 26, 2016
Will someone please make these video games?

Ten game worlds you definitely wouldn’t survive in

by Mick Fraseron January 14, 2016
Drangleic, obviously.

Insert Coin Is Five, Announces New Borderlands Collection

by Dan Nayloron July 10, 2015
Special t-shirt to commemorate.


Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3 – Catch a Ride Review

by Adam Cookon June 23, 2015
The fastest ride in town.

Battleborn New Details and Trailer Released

by Mikhail Madnanion June 4, 2015
For Every Kind of Badass Including You

Podcast (02-04-15) – Nintendo Ain’t No Fool

by Colm Ahernon April 2, 2015
Direct to your screens