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Street fighter 4 animal

Ultra Street Fighter IV 1.04 patch is wild!

by Nick Gillhamon November 25, 2014
You animal you.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Preview – With Love to ’96

by Adam Cookon November 18, 2014
Jill Sandwich
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate key art

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Preview – A Starting Point

by James Bowdenon October 13, 2014
Apparently verticality is a thing.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Featured

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Gets a Release Date

by Jonny Lewison October 10, 2014
Remastered trio coming to 3DS eShop this December.
Resident Evil featured

Check Out Ten Minutes of Resident Evil HD Gameplay

by Jonny Lewison October 8, 2014
arrrr...pretty zombies...


Resident Evil Revelations 2 Will Be Episodic

by Mike Stubbsyon September 12, 2014
Fight the zombies a week at a time.

Dead Rising Digital Series Begins Filming

by Robin Parkeron September 9, 2014
When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.


Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector’s Edition Review

by Dan Nayloron September 7, 2014
Pass GO, collect 200 Bison-Dollars