2K Announce Evolve 24 Hour Charity Livestream for GamesAid

by Greg Hillon April 30, 2015
Monster-hunting for charity.

Goat Simulator To End World Hunger?

by Robin Parkeron June 17, 2014
Give a Goat, save a life.

myGaze Eye Controller is The Real Next Gen

by Mike Stubbsyon November 18, 2013
Keep an eye on it

Ümloud 2011 – Rockband Night for Charity

by Ruk Coorayon December 13, 2011
On Thursday December 8th San Francisco’s DNA Lounge was abuzz with the sound of [rock] music. Gamers and Industry professionals came from all over to participate in Ümlouds 3rd annual non-profit gaming fundraiser for Child’s Play. Childs Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in […]